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There’s a simple truth in organic search marketing; it just doesn’t exist without content. The opposite is also true: your content may as well not exist online if it isn’t supported by SEO for discoverability. Like a falling tree in a forest, you could ask: “If a piece of content is published without any SEO, does it even exist?” And our content marketing experts could convincingly argue that it doesn’t.

Why we and
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Keyword optimisation

SEO experts used to be on the receiving end of death-stares from creative copywriters who felt their overly formulaic and prescriptive keyword requirements and word counts were limiting their creativity. Thankfully, just as the search algorithms have evolved to understand natural language and word associations, understanding of the role of keywords in SEO has evolved too.

It’s not about using the same keywords as many times as possible in a single sentence. It’s about weaving them naturally into content while placing the emphasis on the quality of the content itself, rather than keyword density.

The perfect couple of organic search

Where other agencies may typically tag a bunch of keywords onto a pre-written piece of content and call it a day, the Mickey Llew approach is different. We work with content writers and strategists who understand and value SEO principles. Rather than seeing SEO as a highly technical box that needs to be ticked, they’re able to work with our organic search experts to harness the power of the insights and data patterns that search analytics can provide. They work together to turn keyword recommendations and search trends into inspiration for quality content creation that truly answers the needs of users – which results in better site traffic and conversions. It just makes sense. Content should be created with purpose, underpinned by SEO strategy, and SEO needs good content to work

Fresh content on tap

Successful SEO is not a once off. It’s an going process that requires a continuous stream of fresh content to keep a site at the top of the rankings. Thankfully for content creators, search trends are an endless source of focused inspiration – where you know you’ll have an audience for what you create. It’s a beautiful thing when creativity and purpose are combined – and SEO content is exactly that.

The best kind of link building

There’s no greater endorsement of digital content than being linked back to by a well-established, authoritative site – that’s the Holy Grail of backlinks. That’s how you know you’ve really arrived in the SEO game (and, of course, when you’re sitting on top of the rankings). The only way to crack the nod in this space is on the back of quality, original content.

Content Marketing


Content marketing comes easily to the team at Mickey Llew. No matter how complex or technical the specific industry we’re creating a content strategy for, we always keep one thing in mind: put the target user first.

Here’s how we work in the content space:

Comprehensive content audit

We assess the quality and depth of the content on your platforms, flagging issues and identifying areas for improvement.

In-depth target user profiling

Before setting out to create content, we develop a thorough understanding of the different types of users your site needs to appeal to. We study their search behaviour, paths to purchase and content consumption patterns. The end game is to always attract the right users with the right content.

Keyword and search phase research

We crunch the data to identify the best search opportunities for your business. We look at both the core keywords required for the main pages of your site, as well as the long-tail opportunities where you can reach new potential customers.

Content strategy creation

After gathering all the information, we translate everything into a clear, well-thought out content strategy that maps the way forward for your business in both the short-term, and long-term for ongoing content creation opportunities.

Create and optimise

With a strategy in place, the fun starts. Our talented team of writers will breathe life into your content, creating highly readable, relevant copy that attracts the right search traffic.

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To get results

As with everything we do, we ultimately want our activities to give you results that prove ROI. In this case, sending a piece of content out to 200 sites and getting 2 pieces of coverage is not a success. Neither is getting a low quality backlink from a site that scrapes content from around the web without adding any value. We help you understand what outreach wins you want and give you a transparent view of what’s working, what isn’t and how to keep refining it.