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If your objective is to drive click-throughs and conversions, Google Ads are the paid marketing medium you need. Why? Because the best way to get qualified traffic to your site is to target them in the moment they are most definitely interested in your product or service. And where’s the first place you go when you need to find a specific product or service? Google Search.

While organic search tactics will slowly move your brand up the organic search rankings, leveraging the Google Search Network (GSN) through Google Ads is your sure-fire way to the top. Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads are a pay-per-click ad format that allows you to target specific keywords and search phrases. Based on your budget and audience targeting, your ad will appear at the top of the search results, above the organic search rankings.

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Understanding intent

The key to success in paid search, lies in understanding the intent users have when typing certain keywords and phrases into the Google search bar. For example, someone just doing their research on a particular product or service may use different keywords to someone actively looking to make a purchase or find and contact a service provider.

To make your media spend go as far as possible, you want make sure your search ads are designed to target the users with the kind of intent that has a higher chance of translating into a sale. Your organic search tactics and content can better target users still in the research phase of the conversion funnel.

Holistic campaign building

When our specialists look at whether a Google Ads campaign is working for a client or not, they don’t simply look at click-throughs and the cost per click. A search ad that gets a lot of clicks to a landing page, but only results in a handful of conversions (or none at all) isn’t a win in our books.

When we build paid search campaigns, we don’t just build ad sets and hope for the best. We design paid search campaigns end-to-end. We make sure the campaign is directing traffic to a landing page designed to seal the deal and get the conversion you need.

Only by tracking all interactions from initial exposure to the ad, right through to the action that user takes (or doesn’t take) on the site, can we give you an accurate perspective of how the campaign is performing for your business.

This end-to-end approach gives us access to important user behaviour insights which can be used to optimise the different elements of a search campaign – from the wording of an ad, to the structure and content of the landing page itself.

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Benefits of Paid Search marketing

  • Target users with high intent who are ready to convert
  • Ideal for products and services people look for on a needs basis
  • Deliver best performance for smaller budgets
  • Highly measurable
  • Easy to test and optimise

Precision keyword targeting

Mickey Llew’s paid search team will never waste your budget on search campaigns that use keywords and phrases that are too broad and spread your spend too thinly. We make informed recommendations based on reliable data to zero-in our campaign focus to the keywords and search phrases that are most likely to drive the results you want to see.

Minds first, technology second

While Google makes it simple enough for anyone to spend money on Google Ads, it’s not quite as easy to get the right results and see the ROI. It requires time, effort, expertise and great attention to detail. The Mickey Llew paid search team never just let search campaigns run on auto-pilot. We use our minds first, and technology second to keep your campaign optimised and delivering results.




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To get results

As with everything we do, we ultimately want our activities to give you results that prove ROI. In this case, sending a piece of content out to 200 sites and getting 2 pieces of coverage is not a success. Neither is getting a low quality backlink from a site that scrapes content from around the web without adding any value. We help you understand what outreach wins you want and give you a transparent view of what’s working, what isn’t and how to keep refining it.