Why mobile is a must for

organic search

There’s no question that mobile is the future of search. Google has known this since 2014 when an algorithm change started giving mobile-friendly sites higher rankings in the search results – and rightly so. Increasingly, consumers use their phones as their first port of call when they need information.

Data also shows that users searching via mobile phones have a much higher conversion rate, with stronger intent because they can immediately call a business from their phones. This means your website or online store needs to work that much harder and smarter to ensure you don’t miss out on the quality leads mobile search can send your way.

At Mickey Llew, we love understanding the intricacies of different user journeys. We dissect every detail of the path to purchase or conversion, and we get obsessed with optimising every aspect of the user experience.

Why we and
our solutions are

Testing, testing

To know how to improve the mobile user experience, we test your site across multiple devices, operating systems and browsers. To win at mobile search, your site has to be fully responsive across all devices and platforms. We check where the mobile user experience is falling short and will make the necessary recommendations to help you convert mobile traffic into customers.

Giving users what they want

When your site is responsive, it’s able to automatically ‘respond’ and resize itself based on the device and screen size of the user accessing it. When done well, this is a seamless process that ensures the user has the best possible experience. Simply resizing a desktop site to fit in a smaller screen isn’t enough.

You have to think about exactly what someone searching for your business, product or service from their mobile phone wants to see. It could be that they’re looking for your contact number and address, or perhaps they want to be able to quickly and easily make a purchase. Understanding user intent and the mobile path to purchase is key to structuring a mobile experience that ultimately supports the bottom line of your business.

Mobile users have short attention spans and high expectations. If your site is difficult to use in any way, takes too long to load, or doesn’t immediately show them what they’re looking for, they will go back to the search results and try the next site.


Here are just some of the key things the Mickey Llew organic search team can help with to make sure your business puts its best foot forward with mobile SEO:

Responsiveness and a mobile-first approach

We don’t treat the mobile version of your site as an afterthought. It’s a key priority of our SEO audit and the first port of call for the optimisations we need to make to improve your search rankings. We have an expert team of developers who can help with rebuilds and improvements.

Usability above all else

Pinching to zoom into what you need to see or tap on a site should never be a thing. Using data to inform all of our recommendations, we’ll help you design and implement a mobile-first user experience that translates directly into the conversions you want to see. We look at everything from making phone numbers clickable and simplifying menu structures, to font sizes, button placement, and compression of multimedia. It’s all about making your site easy to navigate and use, no matter the screen size.

Need for speed

Impatient mobile users don’t tolerate buffering – and neither does Google’s algorithm. A slow mobile page, means a low mobile search ranking. This is why it’s so important for the mobile version of your site to be properly optimised. An immersive video on your landing page could work beautifully on desktop, but can be incredibly frustrating on mobile – especially in data sensitive markets. We take this all into account.

Getting meta – less is more

On a smaller screen, search result information is condensed by Google. This makes it important to write meta descriptions and titles that work on mobile for every page. When shortening these links, we always make sure we keep the search intent and common queries in mind to craft copy that best answers the most popular search queries.

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To get results

As with everything we do, we ultimately want our activities to give you results that prove ROI. In this case, sending a piece of content out to 200 sites and getting 2 pieces of coverage is not a success. Neither is getting a low quality backlink from a site that scrapes content from around the web without adding any value. We help you understand what outreach wins you want and give you a transparent view of what’s working, what isn’t and how to keep refining it.