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We’re going to level with you: If your technical SEO isn’t good, there’s really no point trying other SEO tactics until you get it right.

Search engines have specific algorithms and crawlers which assess the quality of relevance of your website and its content. If the technical structure of your site doesn’t meet the requirements, it will show where it counts – in your search rankings.

This is why technical SEO is a critical starting point for Mickey Llew’s organic search experts. It’s the foundation on which other SEO tactics can be used, but also the foundation that can undermine all other efforts.

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The SEO foundation

Much like building a house, you have to start with a solid foundation and structure. Before we take any steps to start increasing traffic to your site through paid or organic search, we conduct a thorough audit of your site. This serves to identify any potential technical problems and establish the changes and optimisations that are needed.

Solid digital presence

This process ensures your digital presence has the strongest possible foundation for your SEO efforts. When conducting a technical SEO audit of your site, these are the key things our SEO experts look at.

Here’s how

We do it

Site structure

We analyse your site from the perspective of a search engine crawler, as well as that of the average user (since humans, not bots, are your potential customers after all). We start with the sitemap to see where the structure and flow can be improved for better performance. We look at the backend aspects of the site and how Google is able to interpret them, flagging any errors or roadblocks. We also look for at any broken links, redirects and general usability issues.

URL structure

URLs are an important way for both bots and users to better navigate the content of your site and understand its structure. URLs should be kept as short as possible, with limited use of special characters, keeping a close connection to the target keywords you need a page to be optimised for.

Content duplication and quality

A site that says the same thing across multiple pages (or worse, says the exact same thing as another site) will never rank highly on Google. We have an easy system of determining whether content is duplicated or too thin, and will create an action plan to address any shortcomings.

Website and page load speed

The amount of time it takes a site to load is a  key factor that impacts your search ranking. And it’s easy to understand why: Load speed is the first impression your site gives a user (and a search engine crawler).

In an age of instant gratification, and a world of options at our fingertips, if a site takes more than a few seconds to load, users will simply go back to the search results and select another site. Website speed has a knock-on effect for a number of other factors that impact your ranking – including the bounce rate, time spent on site and conversions.

Image optimisation

Non-compressed images and video files are prime suspects when it comes to slow website speeds. The audit process will look at the size and type of all image files on your site, as well as the way they are tagged with meta data for search optimisation.

Mobile friendliness

Google isn’t going to recommend your site in search rankings for users using mobile devices, when your site isn’t optimised for use on mobile. Since mobile search has overtaken desktop in recent years, not having a responsive, mobile-first site is major red flag.

Bounce rate

The bounce rate of your site is the percentage of users who view just one page and leave without taking any action. To search engines, this is an indication that your site doesn’t have what those users were looking for, so it ranks lower for quality and relevance as a result. Understanding the cause of a high bounce rate is a key aspect of a technical SEO audit, and it informs what needs to be done to fix it. Whether it’s the content itself, the structure or the speed, we’ll get to the bottom of it.


If the content of your site is incorrectly set up without meta tags, and you don’t have meta-descriptions for your pages, the way your content shows up in Google search results can be negatively impacted. We make sure your meta-data is in place, and optimised for the right keywords to ultimately help get traffic to your site.

As one of the most important aspects of organic SEO, the Mickey Llew organic search experts are meticulous in getting all aspects of technical SEO right. We also know that it’s not a once-off exercise, but rather the continuous application of best practice to ensure the best user experience, to ultimately move your site up the rankings.

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To get results

As with everything we do, we ultimately want our activities to give you results that prove ROI. In this case, sending a piece of content out to 200 sites and getting 2 pieces of coverage is not a success. Neither is getting a low quality backlink from a site that scrapes content from around the web without adding any value. We help you understand what outreach wins you want and give you a transparent view of what’s working, what isn’t and how to keep refining it.